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St Bede Church Services

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(Updated: 7th May 2022)

Welcome to St Bede! We are a friendly and welcoming church community at the heart of Morris Green.

St Bede PCC recently agreed that from Easter Sunday you may now receive bread and wine at communion.

Obviously if you would prefer just to receive bread as is our practice now that is fine – please feel free to go back to your seat after receiving the bread if you do not wish to drink from the cup.

We do ask people not to dip bread into wine as this is unhygienic and there may be members of our congregation who are gluten intolerant.

We will also be bringing back the peace where you can shake peoples hands. Again please be mindful of those who would prefer to avoid contact.

We also will be passing round the collection plate during the service and presenting our offering at the communion table.

If you have any further questions do contact Vinny or one of the team and we look forward to welcoming you to St Bede’s Church


(Vicar, St Bede Church)

St. Bede Church Services – 10:00am each Sunday morning

1st Sunday of the month – All Age Holy Communion

2nd Sunday of the month – Holy Communion and Children’s Groups

3rd Sunday of the month – Holy Communion and Children’s Groups

4th Sunday of the month – All Age Family Worship/Baptism

5th Sunday of the month – All Age Family Worship

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St Bede Parish


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St. Bede Parish

Normanby St



Email: info@st-bede.org.uk

For all church enquiries please contact:

Church Administrator: Elaine Almond

Tel: 07757099862 (Tues-Thurs)

Email: elainealmond22@gmail.com

Vicar: Vincent Whitworth

Tel: (01204) 658921

e-mail: vinny@st-bede.org.uk