Our Mission

We come together at St Bede to discover, express and develop our faith in Christ. We are committed to the spiritual growth and well-being of all who come into our community, regardless of faith and ethnicity.

Our objective is: to serve the Kingdom of God in Morris Green.
Our aim is: to engage in ministry and mission to the people who reside in the parish and to all those who would join us in worship.
To this end we will: Seek partnership with existing organisations and institutions and offer a warm welcome to all those who wish to join the worshipping community of St Bede’s, regardless of where they reside.

To achieve these aims, we acknowledge the importance and purpose of worship, education,
fellowship and leadership.

We appreciate and see God in Christ as the centre and creator of all things, giving him thanks and praise through and in the Holy Spirit.

We are called to create an environment in which children, youth and adults can learn to read and understand the Bible, allowing them to grow and be strengthened by the Word of God.

We see fellowship as an opportunity to share together in all aspects of our lives, to support and encourage one another in the Love of Jesus Christ.

We value good leadership and the encouragement of all to have a personal vision, and the confidence in Christ to express this. To create opportunities for the development of a corporate vision and the extension of our Christian community.