Christmas Competition

Here’s how to play;

The competition will run between Sunday 28th October and Sunday 16th December and the idea is this;

Each Sunday an image will be uploaded to the St Bede Parish Facebook page and Twitter feed. This will be a picture of something at Church but took at an angle that it not instantly recognisable
A clue and the picture will be put on the Parish Website for that week’s picture – albeit a cryptic clue!
This can be inside or outside of the church building and can range from the Community Room to the Vestry; from the back door to the front door

All you need to do it describe where the picture is taken.

So, kids, get your parents to LIKE our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and visit the website to help you find the picture.

All those entries with the correct answers will go into a draw to receive the star prize

Here are the pictures…


The venerable preaches!


The Principle Ornament



I promise that I will do my best…